Safe Driving – Back to School

Planning, being alert and choosing defensive driving actions, will ​keep you and your passengers safe!

  1. Know the speed limit – Not all school zones have the same speed limit.  Look for the posted signs and respect them.  If children run out into the road, the slower speed will give you more time to react to avoid an accident.
  2. Put down the phone – Driving and phones do not mix.  It is crucial that drivers are being vigilant and alert.  Children can get easily distracted and may not pay attention as they cross a street.
  3. Watch for pedestrians –Crosswalks near school zones are particularly busy before and after school, but not all of them have crossing guards and not all students will wait to cross at the proper time.  Drive slowly and watch for pedestrians crossing the road or walking in the road. 
  4. Go slowly past parked cars – Children can appear seemingly out of nowhere when they run out from between parked cars to cross the street.  Keep your eyes active to scan for movement not just on the street and sidewalk but between parked vehicles.
  5. School bus safety – Be prepared to stop for a bus loading and unloading children and maintain a safe distance of 30 feet from a stopped school bus.   Know the exact school bus laws in your state.

Created by DDS Risk for NEMT Insurance

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